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AHCA’s PDPM Academy 2019 focused on the basic elements and technical aspects of the new patient characteristic-based payment model.  In 2020, the AHCA subscription-based PDPM Academy will provide AHCA provider members with in depth online education and training on best practice topics and operational capacities key to PDPM success.  

Subscribers to the AHCA PDPM Academy 2020 Subscription– Building Optimal Operational Capacities© will receive the following benefits:

  1. In-depth education will include pre-recorded webinars with continuing education (CE) credits and accompanied by AHCA-developed guidance, tool kits, or other resources. The (CE) educational webinars will be held throughout 2020 as they are completed.  All educational webinars are included in the $299 2020 PDPM Academy registration fee.  The topics include: 
    1.  Getting Older is not for the Weak: An Evidence-Based Approach for Improving Mobility * 
    2. Identifying and Managing Residents with Complex Nursing and NTA Needs * 
    3. Restorative Nursing and Skilled Maintenance Nursing and Therapy * 
    4. Medical Director’s Role in the SNF PDPM World * 
    5. Effective Care Transitions at Admission and Discharge  
    6. Holistic Person-Centered Care Planning* 

* = Available Now

2. Five PDPM Academy Open Discussion Forums (ODF) addressing challenging PDPM clinical and billing topics and CMS updates. 

3. Access to AHCA’ library of 2019 and 2020 PDPM Academy materials housed at ahcancalED. 

These resources are a considerable value to AHCA members.  Private consultancies will charge several hundreds of dollars for the resources and the six hours of CE eligible training on the topics above.  

Access to all of the benefits, above, is available to AHCA provider member individual employees (or individual contracted employees if registering through the AHCA provider member) via a PDPM Academy 2020 subscription price of $299 including CEs for the entire year.  


Available to AHCA SNF Provider members| $299

Click the Questions- How to Sign Up button located on the left hand toolbar to learn how to create an account and register for the materials. 

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