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QCP Certification Exam

The certification exam is purchased separately from the QCP prep course, is completed online, and accessed through a Learner Dashboard on the AAPACN website. The certification exam is in an objective, multiple-choice question format. The questions are designed to test recall of specific knowledge, as well as the ability to analyze and apply that knowledge to example situations. There are 125 questions on the certification exam. It is not a timed test. The questions test knowledge of the domains and tasks in the QAPI for Long-Term Care Body of Knowledge. The domain emphasis reflects the percentage of questions that comes from each domain. Individuals will be asked to select the correct or best answer from four options. Only one answer is correct for every question.

The open-book exam may be completed in one setting or in sections; however, individuals are prohibited from discussing the exam or receiving assistance from others.    

QCP Certification ExamPrice: $118

For questions about this certification program, review the QAPI Candidate Handbook

For general questions about AAPACN education, visit the FAQs page or contact the AAPACN Education Team at 800.768.1880.

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