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Here is an example of a checklist that may be used by the hiring facility for on-site training. 

  TNA Skills Competency Checklist

The Federal waivers that allow for the TNA utilization can be used as long as the state allows.  As states continue to remove their state of emergencies the TNA utilization may be removed.  States have the ability to be more stringent than the Federal requirements which means that the state can decide if they want to keep utilizing the TNA position or not.  You are encouraged to reach out to your State Health Care Association and/or your State Agency to identify if your state has rescinded the utilization of TNAs.  

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If you plan to work in the state of Oklahoma you will need to take the free 16 hr course.

16 HR Course (FREE)

What does a Temporary Nurse Aide Do?

The Temporary Nurse Aide will help to provide aspects of resident care that include:

  • Activities of Daily Living
    • Bathing
    • Oral Care
    • Grooming - Shaving and Nail Care
    • Dressing and Undressing
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Positioning, Moving, and Restorative Care
  • Nutrition and Elimination
  • Comfort Care and End of Life Care


AHCA/NCAL has created these courses to assist providers to recruit and train temporary staff during the national emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic. While the federal government has issued a blanket waiver for such temporary nurse aides, state requirements may need to be waived to permit individuals under this training program in your location. Employers should check with their state survey agencies and their state occupational licensing agencies, where applicable, to ensure individuals trained under this program are permitted to assist with care in your location.