AHCA PDPM Hospital Discharge Toolkit


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The AHCA PDPM Hospital Discharge Toolkit was designed to facilitate the collection of clinical information from the referring hospital prior to admission to better assure that information related to a residents SNF care needs upon admission, and appropriate PDPM case-mix group classification, is obtained and documented prior the end of the residents SNF PPS 5-day assessment reference date.  The tools can also be used to help facilitate discussions with referring hospitals regarding how to better coordinate the transfer of health information relevant to PDPM resident classification.  All members can access a SNF pre-admission checklist tool and a reference document identifying all MDS item fields that apply to PDPM case-mix adjusted components.  PDPM Academy Registrants can also access an additional “High-Impact” MDS items reference document.  Additional tools and resources to be added as developed.


PDPM SNF Pre-Admission Checklist Tool
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource.
MDS Item Fields That Apply to all PDPM Case-Mix Adjusted Components
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource.
MDS Item Fields That Apply to all PDPM Case-Mix Adjusted Components_High-Impact Items
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource.