ahcancalED-Education at Your Fingertips – A Resource for Independent Owners and Not for Profits

Recorded On: 05/04/2017

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With a growing library of webinars, courses, tools and resources, ahcancalED has become a valuable resource to AHCA/NCAL Independent Owners and Not for Profit providers.  What makes ahcancalED different from other learning management systems is its customization to the needs of AHCA/NCAL members. From the new Requirements of Participation, to QAPI, to Faith Community Partnerships and QI in Veteran’s Homes, ahcancalED is driven by the information that is of importance to its members. In fact, many use their expertise to create the programs found within it. In this session, take a tour of ahcancalED, discover some of the programs and rich educational material and how best to navigate through it.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover the content within ahcancalED
2. Employ different strategies to sort and find materials
3. Understand how to navigate through ahcancalED with ease

Marguerite M McLaughlin
Vice President
Rhode Island Healthcare Association

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