Community Benefit: Acting on Mission, Demonstrating Tax-exempt Purpose

This program will present a system for not-for-profit long term care organizations to plan and report community benefits. These are activities that often reach outside of facility walls and promote the well-being of persons in the community. By providing community benefits, and telling the story of these community benefit activities, nonprofit long term care facilities accomplish the following: help promote well-being in the community, especially among the elderly, low income, and other vulnerable persons; demonstrate they are fulfilling their traditional mission of responding to community needs; maintain a positive image of the organization in the community, and show local taxing authorities they are carrying out their tax-exempt community benefit purpose.

The system presented involves five steps:
1.Committing to Community Benefit
2.Planning and Budgeting for Services
3.Monitoring Services and Activities
4.Reporting Community Benefits
5.Evaluating Effectiveness

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