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Inventory Supply Management for PPE and COVID-19 Point of Care Testing

Inventory Supply Management for PPE and COVID-19 Point of Care Testing

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Fluctuating demand for PPE along with the expanded use of PPE as a result of COVID-19 and other infectious agents (e.g., multi-drug resistant organisms) coupled with the fluctuating availability of PPE has created the need for a robust PPE inventory management program. This also applies to COVID-19 point of care testing equipment and supplies.

The PPE and POC testing Inventory Supply Management training is a case-based learning program that incorporates technical skills with real-life examples to illustrate the critical component that inventory and supply management brings to the facility and its success during day-to-day operations as well as when outbreaks occur.  Through this training, participants will identify how to predict conventional use inventory needs versus outbreak status when contingency or crisis capacity may be needed.  Facilities will identify how regular workweek needs versus weekend or holiday needs may differ in terms of how to navigate the changing environment of PPE and COVID-19 testing needs.  Participants will gain knowledge and insight on inventory rotation to prevent supplies from expiring as well as the unique needs of stand-alone facilities versus those of corporate chains.  Case examples will be utilized to engage learners in assessing the situation and identifying best practices moving forward.  Participants will gain knowledge and skills on how to predict when acute shortages may occur and how to navigate the process of accessing facility needs and adjusting based on the assessment findings. 

4.50 NAB approved CEs and 4.50 contact hours for nurses through the Iowa Board of Nursing will be awarded upon successful completion.
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