Outcomes Reporting - Be Ready to Negotiate with a Hospital CFO

Your clinical data is a powerful gold mine.  Are you maximizing it to its fullest potential?  This webinar will give you three strategic ways to unleash its power in your organization.  

Learning Objectives:

1)  What are outcomes reports? 

2)  What can outcomes reporting do for me in five strategic ways?

           a.  Re-hospitalization prevention:  attacking and measuring success

           b.  Corporate Compliance:  reporting for requirements in 2012-13

           c.  QAPI:  preparing for upcoming regulations

           d.  Marketing:  creating a 'sales pitch' to win census from hospitals

           e.  Benchmarking: comparing facilities and replicating best practices

3)  Get concrete ideas from Tanya Procell who will share her best practices.


•  Tanya Procell, RN ADN, Director of Clinical Services for Provider Professional Services

•  Teresa Chase, President & CEO, American HealthTech

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