Referral Partnerships: A Data-Driven Approach to Cross Continuum Healthcare Coordination

With the rise of accountable care organizations (ACOs), readmission penalties, and bundled payment initiatives, providers from across the healthcare continuum are seeking partnerships with long term care organizations to create smoother care transitions and reduce hospitalizations.

Attend this exclusive AHCA/NCAL webinar, presented by My InnerView by National Research Corporation, to find out how to use your satisfaction data to position your organization as a preferred referral partner and more easily navigate the new managed care payment system.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn how and what to communicate to hospitals, health systems, and home health agencies for potential referrals

2. Understand what your data is telling you to uncover valuable quality improvement opportunities

3. Find out why your satisfaction scores open more doors to referrals than proximity or promotional marketing


Jason Stevens
Vice President of Business Development
National Research Corporation

Gregg Loughman
Vice President
Strategy and Governance

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