Safely Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Assisted Living

The Issue

Hospitalization is disrupting to elderly individuals and puts them at greater risk for complications and infections. Hospitalization also increases the likelihood of reduced functioning on return to the assisted living community.

Hospital readmissions not only have the potential for negative physical, emotional and psychological impacts on assisted living residents, but also cost the Medicare program billions of dollars.

Preventing these events whenever possible is always beneficial to residents and has been identified by policymakers and providers as an opportunity to reduce overall health care system costs. The issue has become a top priority for CMS and managed care programs over the past several years.

Ideas to Get Started

  • Start tracking your hospital readmission rates with LTC Trend Tracker
  • Access INTERACT for Assisted living
  • Monitor days and times residents are being sent to the hospital to look for trends
  • Implement consistent assignment to allow staff to detect changes in a resident’s status
  • Encourage all residents to have advanced directives, and make sure staff are aware of residents’ needs and wishes
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