The Iowa Nursing Home Leaders Academy of Excellence Webinar Series

The Iowa Nursing Home Leader Academy of Excellence

OVERVIEWThe Nursing Home Leader Academy of Excellence is a national effort whose goal is to provide an intensive, interactive experience that prepares nursing home administrators to be competent and inspired leaders in skilled nursing centers. This is an advanced and specialized leadership course designed to build on the basic business and management skills. The focus of the program is to teach participants how to effectively lead their centers using a quality assurance –performance improvement approach; to use high level human resource practices to build a skilled and stable workforce; to promote quality of life and quality of care for residents; and to successfully compete in the changing landscape of post-acute care. In addition to the traditional format of lecture and assigned reading, participants will be engaged in a variety of learning activities including their selection of a unique quality improvement target in their own practice setting.

8 Part Webinar Series:

Falls as a Quality Improvement Target - Sue Ann Guildermann

Customer Satisfaction as a Quality Improvement Target - Mary Tellis Nayak

Staff Stability & Consistent Assignment Strategies - Barbara Frank & Cathie Brady

Hospital Readmission Reduction; Not Just Nursing's job - David Farrell

Vision Lead organizations -Phil Fogg

Antipsychotics as a Quality Improvement Target- David Gifford

QAPI in Action - Janet Snipes

Falls create a significant problem for many settings affecting the lives of residents and staff alike. In this session, Sue Ann Guildermann will guide listener thru the causes and cures. Attendees will recognize:

  1. The relationship between sleep and falls
  2. The Relationship between meds and falls
  3. An array of practical ways to prevent falls

Speaker: Sue Ann Guildermann

Customer Satisfaction is an important focus area for organizations who are intent on being a top provider in the eyes of residents, families and hospitals, and ACOs. Discover concrete ways to use the QAPI process to resolve common resident complaints. Attendees will recognize:

1. The relationship between customer satisfaction and key quality indicators for skilled nursing centers

2. The most common resident complaints

3. How to use QAPI process to resolve the customer complaints and improve satisfaction

Speaker: Mary Tellis Nayak

This session will offer ideas and implementation strategies related to staffing and consistent assignment. Attendees will recognize:

1. The connection between consistently assigned staff and improved quality

2. The steps and processes to initiate and sustain consistent assignments

Speakers: Barbara Frank& Cathie Brady

Discover techniques applied by NHA and SSD role in reducing hospital readmissions. Attendees will recognize:

1. Why hospital readmissions are not just a nursing problem

2. The role of NHA and SSD in reducing hospital readmissions

3. The steps to build team- work to achieve the shared goal of hospital readmission reduction

Speaker: David Farrell

Proactive organizations use strategic planning, self-assessment, customer satisfaction and other metrics to help stay on track toward their quality goals. Learn how to create a process that works for your center. Attendees will recognize:

1. The importance of forward- looking leadership

2. The role strategic planning plays in achieving and sustaining quality

Speaker: Phil Fogg

Discover the latest information on reducing antipsychotics for people with dementia. Attendees will recognize:

1. The importance and progress of the national campaign to improve dementia care in skilled nursing centers

2. Behaviors as an unmet need.

Speaker: Dave Gifford

Refresh your understanding about systems and quality improvement (i.e. QAPI & Baldrige). During this session we'll talk about the two process improvement models, and hear about successful implementation strategies currently being used by nursing centers and assisted living communities. Attendees will recognize:

1. The practical applications of CMS QAPI tools in skilled nursing centers from providers who use them

2. The common wins and challenges related to developing an effective QAPI program

Speaker: Janet Snipes

This session will focus on resident centered factors that result in behaviors, including falls, while exploring individualized intervention selection that will make the resident successful and the staff member empowered. Attendees will recognize:

1. The motivational causes of all behaviors, including falls.

2. The assessment components that must be done to determine who the resident is as a social being

3. The resident's cognitive functional age is the basis for selection of person-centered interventions

Speaker: Diana Waugh

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