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Overview: ​CARES® Online Dementia Care Training Courses

CARES® was developed by HealthCare Interactive (HCI) and is a series of online video-based dementia care training programs featuring real care providers and people with dementia in real settings (no actors). Training is accessible 24/7 and can be completed individually, in small groups or in a classroom-style setting. AHCA/NCAL supports the CARES® online person-centered dementia training program for staff to help safely reduce the off-label use of antipsychotics. AHCA/NCAL members receive a 15% discount on all orders by entering promo code AHCA15 when registering.

CARES® Dementia Basics is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for successfully incorporating the evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations in the following topic areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia, person-centered care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, and behaviors and communication. Providers who purchase and train their staff with the HealthCare Interactive’s CARES® Dementia Basics™ are eligible to purchase Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® certification. Learn more at After staff complete CARES® Dementia Basics, consider additional CARES online programs including:

The CARES® Serious Mental Illness  course can be taken as a freestanding course without taking the CARES® Dementia Basics course first.

View a free five-minute preview of each program here. For a more in-depth look at the CARES®, view Module 1 (Meet Clara Jones – An introduction to Person-Centered Care) at no cost for AHCA/NCAL members. This free online training module is a great way to introduce new staff to person-centered dementia care in staff meetings or staff trainings. CARES® is easy to use, can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, and can be started and stopped as often as users wish.

CARES® programs meet many state training requirements. This interactive U.S. map shows which CARES dementia training modules match and fulfill existing state training requirements for staff in various care settings. Click on your state to see which courses match your state’s training mandates. Check out the CARES program today and remember to use promo code AHCA15 when ordering to save 15% on your purchase. Call HCI at (952) 928-7722 with any questions about the training programs.