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Nearly 300,000 students across the nation have successfully completed our FREE Temporary Nurse Aide course. Many have gained employment in facilities offering quality care for those in need. Students may continue to take this course through June 5, 2022, by registering at this website. The TNA waiver ends on June 6 and TNAs have until October 6, 2022, to become a CNA. 

This course is designed for use in nursing homes and is not intended for agency staffing purposes.

Available Courses

8 HR Course (FREE) 16 HR Course (FREE)

  Students may continue to take this course through June 5, 2022, by registering at this website. Contact if you need assistance. 

  For Provider's Only: TNA Skills Competency Checklist

For TNAs/PCAs who wish to further their training to become CNAs, we offer a new TNA to CNA Test Prep Course.

TNA to CNA Test Prep CourseThis 30-hour course prepares TNAs/PCAs for becoming CNAs in states that allow challenges to the certification/licensing test or that offer accelerated training pathways. 

This program is an excellent refresher study guide for students experiencing significant delays in testing.

 If you are interested in the TNA to CNA Test Prep Course, please click here for more information.

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Temporary Nurse Aide 8-Hour Course

Our FREE 8-hour Temporary Nurse Aide course is permitted under special waivers, exceptions, or flexibilities for temporary nurse aide roles in Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and West Virginia. Additional training or other actions may be required in Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

The TNA waiver ends June 6, 2022, and TNAs have until October 6, 2022, to become a CNA. 

Please contact your local state health care association or check with your state nurse aide registry for additional information about your state’s requirements. This Directory of Nurse Aide Registries provides contact information by state. 

Temporary Nurse Aide 16-Hour Course

For those planning to work in Oklahoma or Rhode Island, we offer a FREE 16-hour Temporary Nurse Aide course. REGISTER HERE


Contact your local state health care association or check with your state nurse aide registry for additional information about your state’s requirements. This Directory of Nurse Aide Registries provides contact information by state. 


Effective Jan. 19th, 2021, Illinois has updated its TNA requirements. Visit the Illinois website to learn more.

In Delaware, any individuals who have taken the course before July 13th can still work under supervision and have until December 31st to become fully certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant. In addition, there are opportunities for these individuals for expedited training and potential financial assistance. Contact Delaware Health Care Facilities Association to learn more.

Statement of Academic Integrity

By registering for this course, I certify that all related coursework will be completed by merecognize that academic dishonesty detracts from the value of professional development courseworkinhibits my ability to grow in my profession, and does a disservice to the people I work with and to the people I care for. I understand that any commitment of academic dishonesty will lead to revocation of any credits and/or certificates earned and no monies for course fees will be refunded.  


AHCA/NCAL has created these courses to assist providers to recruit and train temporary staff during the national emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic. While the federal government has issued a blanket waiver for such temporary nurse aides, state requirements may need to be waived to permit individuals under this training program in your location. Employers should check with their state survey agencies and their state occupational licensing agencies, where applicable, to ensure individuals trained under this program are permitted to assist with care in your location.