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LTC Trend Tracker℠ 101 for Independent Owners (IO)

Recorded On: 06/21/2018

Welcome to LTC Trend Tracker℠! LTC Trend Tracker℠ is a ‘one-stop-shop’ to access helpful tools and reports that will assist AHCA/NCAL IOs, those 10 or fewer centers, with providing better quality care. Reports containing Quality Measure Data, personalized publications containing facility specific Five-Star Data, and checking your status on Quality Initiative goals only scratch the surface of the capabilities of LTC Trend Tracker℠. Join us as we dive into this tool and how it is useful for IOs.

This webinar will go over the basic functionalities of LTC Trend Tracker℠ including the following:
• Top 5 Utilized Reports
• Quality Improvement Tools
• Quality Awards & LTC Trend Tracker℠

Want to learn more about LTC Trend Tracker℠? Check out our resource center located at for helpful how-to videos and help documents!

Questions about LTC Trend Tracker℠? Feel free to email the LTC Trend Tracker℠ team at

Speakers: Lonnita Belk, Manager of LTC Trend Tracker

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