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AHCA/NCAL Informational Webinar on Economic Impact Payments for Social Security and SSI Beneficiaries with Representative Payees 

AHCA/NCAL recently put together a webinar recording on economic impact payments (EIPs) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and important facts for skilled nursing facilities, ICFs/IID, and assisted living centers to know on the use of them.  IRS began issuing electronic EIPs on or about April 15 to people who received a tax refund electronically.  The webinar covers what EIPs are and what steps we should take to protect beneficiaries receiving this benefit.  EIP funds belong to the resident and they make decisions about fund use or may request assistance and guidance (such supports are acceptable).  The recording also covers such areas as whether a resident can give their EIP funds to a family member and what to do if EIP funds are being misused.  Finally, a variety of resources from the Social Security Administration to the National Center on Elder Law and Rights are available at the end of the webinar in which you can find further information that will be of assistance.  If you have any questions around EIPs, please email  

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