Integrating the Requirements of Participation into Your Community Morning Meeting/Routine Monitoring Practices/Audits/QAPI Process

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This tool was created by the AHCA Survey & Regulatory Committee, with input from AHCA staff. The intent of this tool is to support Administrators, Directors of Nursing and the Interdisciplinary Team members with integrating the new CMS Requirements of Participation (RoP) into community practices. Although extensive, this checklist can be used to assist a community with RoP compliance, the AHCA Quality Awards journey, and potentially to increase CMS Five-Star ratings.

For communities with a new Interdisciplinary Team, this tool may be used daily. As the team becomes familiar with the requirements, this tool may be used for auditing purposes and QAPI processes. For example, the Administrator could choose a section to review each day and cycle through it a few times until it becomes routine. Team members would become aware of requirements that are their responsibility and would be able to bring that information to the morning meeting, or to track and trend. Identified areas for improvement may be integrated into the QAPI program. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of requirements but is a guide to support daily operations and longer-term planning within your community.

This tool can be used for the following:

  • Agenda for Morning Meeting
  • Assign sections to specific members of Interdisciplinary Team to report on
  • Pathway to create auditing tools
  • Review for QAPI Meetings
  • A checklist for survey preparedness
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