National Quality Award Bronze Series


Thank you for your interest in the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program! The Bronze Award is the first step in the Quality Award journey. Through the Bronze criteria, you will assess your organizations mission, vision and key factors that lead to success. This will provide a strong foundation for later Silver and Gold Award applications.

The “Bronze Criteria Series” is a sequential series of videos, each covering an individual question in the Bronze Criteria. This series was developed to help applicants understand and meet the demands of the Bronze criteria. Additionally, this series can serve as a team building experience for your staff. We suggest that you form an application team that views the videos together and then completes the responses to the criteria as a team effort. This will result in a better application, greater understanding of the foundational elements of quality in your center, and enhanced excitement as your center engages in the program.

Year-to-year, the series is updated to reflect changes in the criteria, so even if you have viewed the series previously, you may want to view it again this year.

Before beginning the application process, you should review the 2020 Bronze Application Packet, containing program information and instructions, as well as the Bronze criteria.  In addition to this series of videos, you’ll find many other resources on the Quality Award website.

If you are an Assisted Living provider utilizing the Assisted Living Bronze criteria: Although the series is based on the SNCC, ID/DD criteria, you can apply it to the Assisted Living criteria. Simply review the AL criteria being addressed in the seminar prior to viewing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

To work most efficiently, it is essential that your team draft a response to each criterion as soon as you complete viewing the associated video. All videos are less than 10 minutes, so you will often be able to view the seminar and draft your response in less than 30 minutes.

After your team has completed viewing the series, you will have a complete application, almost ready to submit. Your next step will be to read over the application with an eye toward continuity and cohesiveness. In addition, your application and optional supporting document must abide by the technical requirements, laid out in the Bronze Application packet.

One last tip; assigning team members the task of viewing and writing seminars alone is not a good strategy. The criteria questions are interdependent and responses often build on what has previously been written in other responses.

Finally, the video links on the next page may take up to 30 seconds to load. Just click the link once.

We hope you enjoy the series! 

A special thank you to our 2020 AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Sponsors:



Permission to use, copy and/or distribute any documentation and/or related images from this series shall be expressly obtained from AHCA.

Tim Case

National Quality Award Program Administrator, AHCA

Tim Case was the principal developer of the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program in 1993. For the past 20 years he has been the administrator of the program, which has grown to be not only the premier award for organizational quality in long term care, but also the largest Baldrige-based program in the country. Tim has served on the faculty of the Virginia Tech College of Education, as the Deputy Director of the Quality Care Health Foundation, as AHCA's Senior Advisor for Quality and as a Health Care Policy Analyst for the U.S. Senate.

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