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Revenue Cycle Management Academy: Facility Registration

Revenue Cycle Management Academy: Facility Registration

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Who Should Register: Billing/Accounts Receivable Staff, Staff with Revenue Cycle Management Roles, Administrators 

As reimbursement models move away from fee-for-service and toward value-based reimbursement, managed care, and more complex patient characteristic-based methodologies, ensuring your billing and/or accounts receivable staff have clear and consistent claims submission and claims follow-up guidance is critical. Without such structure, SNFs may receive less than the appropriate and accurate payment amounts as well as overall revenue targets. Developing Revenue Cycle Management processes will help facilities coordinate clinical and administrative functions necessary for successful revenue cycle management systems and improve patient outcomes while saving time and lowering administrative costs. 

In this Revenue Cycle Management Academy, will learn about topics such as claims submission, third-party follow-up, securing prior authorization, strategies to navigate managed care appeals processes, and best practices associated with coordinating with MDS coding leads.

  • Learn how to implements systems to assure proper and timely payment from all payers.     
  • Learn about the attributes of a high-performing RCM Team. 
  • Learn How to Use AHCA’s Medicare Advantage reimbursement management tools.
Additional RCM webinars will be offered throughout 2023 for all RCM Academy registrants. Topics will include deep dives on Medicare Advantage, Accountable Care Organizations, Personal/Resident Responsibility, and re-orienting you’re A/R Office for a Managed Care Dominated Market. 
Unlimited 2023 Facility Staff Access 
Price $1,000
Facilities will use one individual's login to access the material or set up a small meeting space and broadcast to other staff.

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How To Access the Webinar:

Revenue Cycle Management Academy participants can log in to their course to access the live webinar and/or listen the subsequent recording. These additional 2023 webinars are bonus content and not mandatory to receive the CEs offered upon successful completion of the RCM Academy curriculum. 

 Not Yet Registered for RCM Academy…If you would like to view this webinar and have access to the entire RCM Academy curriculum and bonus RCM webinars throughout 2023, you can enroll at AHCA’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Academy online training program takes a holistic interdisciplinary approach toward SNF revenue management. RCM Academy helps develop concrete strategies to secure earned dollars and to “stay paid” when thinking about managed care payment recoveries. RCM Academy helps SNFs: Prepare for the eventual phase down of COVID-related government assistance Stabilize and better manage a predictable revenue flow relative to overhead Stay paid when considering Medicare Advantage Plan payment recovery trends.

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