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Train AD Program

Train AD Program

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Welcome to “Infections in Nursing Home Residents with Moderate to Advanced Dementia” 

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This course focuses on the appropriate use of antimicrobials in moderate to advanced dementia residents.  Over the course of the four virtual cases that follow, you will be presented with practical, easy-to-use algorithms to guide antimicrobial initiation and integration of resident preferences into treatment decisions, and tips for communicating with families about infection management. 

Course Participants:  

This course is designed for primary care and physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and nurse practitioners.

Course Learning Objectives:  

This free course focuses on improving the management of infections in moderate to advanced dementia by merging best practices in infectious disease with goal-directed care.  By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize when it is appropriate to start antimicrobials for a suspected lower respiratory or urinary tract infection in nursing home residents with moderate to advanced dementia
  2. Examine the incidence and outcomes of infections in moderate to advanced dementia
  3. Integrate resident preferences in treatment decisions for infections
  4. Interpret urinalysis and urine culture results
  5. Manage asymptomatic bacteriuria

Course Outline:

This is a self-paced free online course with four case-based modules and will take approximately one hour to complete. Content regarding the integration of patient preferences in treatment decisions for infections is threaded throughout each case.

  1. Course Overview and Pre-Test 
  2. Module 1-Mr. Smith-Advanced dementia with aspiration and fever
  3. Module 2-Mrs. Baker-Moderate dementia with behavioral symptoms 
  4. Module 3-Mr. Ross-Advanced dementia with fever 
  5. Module 4- Mrs. White-Advanced dementia and new cough 
  6. Post-test

At the end of this course, Nurses will receive one (1) contact hour for the completion of this course awarded by IBON. Participants must complete the entire course and receive a passed grade of 80% to receive credit and a certificate of completion.

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