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Trauma-Informed Care: How Do I Start

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Trauma-informed care is a new requirement set forth in the Requirements of Participation Phase 3.  This session will provide you with an introduction to the regulatory requirements.  You will gain an understanding of what trauma-informed care is all about, including how to use trauma-informed care in practice, and how to partner with others in providing trauma-informed care.


Annette Wenzler, MBA, BSN, LNHA

Chief Nurse Executive

Signature HealthCare

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Annette Wenzler, MBA,BSN, LNHA (Moderator)

Chief Nursing Officer for Signature HealthCARE

Annette Craig Wenzler, MBA,BSN, LNHA has been involved in long term care since the early 90’s. She has had a rounded and successful career serving in a variety of roles including Director of Nursing, Nurse Consultant and Vice President of Clinical Services. She is currently the Chief Nursing Officer for Signature HealthCARE in Louisville, Ky.  Annette graduated from nursing school with her BSN from Union University, Jackson, Tennessee and later obtained her Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in healthcare from University of Miami. Annette began her career in the acute-care setting and grew her  career path by serving as the Director of Emergency Services and the as Director of the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit. Among her many accomplishments, she worked with others to develop and out-of-the-box clinical management process for the units and floors contained within the cardiac services. Creating change through a person-center direction is her passion and she has bee pursuing it since the mid-2000’s. Annette is a Certified Eden Associate and has presented multiple education sessions and training event with her organization as well as Pioneer Network and EDEN Alternative. 


Recorded 08/20/2019
Recorded 08/20/2019