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  • Contains 14 Component(s)

    Assisted Living organizations have faced numerous challenges over the past decade. Long term care has shifted to providing care and services to more acutely ill residents than ever before. Assisted Living Administrators and nurses have the task of knowing and understanding state specific regulations, standards of practice, and how to implement them effectively. Leaders must balance the technical skills of running an assisted living community with the essential soft skills of being a team leader. Technical skills and leadership skills are necessary to effectively run a successful organization. It is time to level up your leadership skills. This course is designed to help you take your leadership skills to the next level by adopting the right mindset and communication practices. In addition, you will learn the critical role you play in mission, vision, and values for your team and your organization. Learners will build their knowledge about emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, relationships navigation, and the power that data holds.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    In this members-only briefing AHCA CEO Mark Parkinson and team provide members with an overview of CMS’s recently released proposed rule on minimum staffing standards, discuss potential next steps and answer your questions. This webinar is for AHCA/NCAL members only.

  • Contains 36 Component(s), Includes Credits

    CMS Mandates Extra Training to Qualify as an Infection Preventionist. IPCO Delivers that Training! Become a specially trained and qualified Infection Preventionist by completing the American Health Care Association’s Infection Preventionist training. The course is open to AHCA/NCAL members for $450 and non-members for $650. If you are not sure of your member status, please email before making payment.

  • Contains 5 Component(s)

    Both the toolkit, and the webinar, were developed to assist facilities in regard to regulations related to abuse, neglect, and misappropriation of resident property, how and when to report abuse, how to complete an abuse investigation, and helpful tips for achieving past noncompliance (PNC) for these deficiencies. This training toolkit is free to AHCA/NCAL members. $65 Non-members

  • Contains 3 Component(s)

    Discharges, Making the Safest Transition for your Residents is a Webinar created by AHCA Regulatory staff to assist facility staff in understanding regulations related to planning, preparing, and discharging residents safely. The Webinar provides real-life scenarios of difficult discharge situations, and how to stay in compliance when these situations arise. Registration is free to AHCA/NCAL Members | $65 Non-members

  • Contains 3 Component(s)

    Both the toolkit, and the webinar, were developed to assist facilities in determining if an IDR is an appropriate tool to use after survey where the results need to be disputed, by the facility. This training toolkit is free to AHCA/NCAL members. $65 Non-members

  • Contains 3 Component(s)

    This session will be aimed at improving resident and staff outcomes through exploration of data collection, continuous systems improvement, and the quality journey. $25 NCAL members | $65 Non-members

  • Contains 3 Component(s)

    Assisted living providers strive to provide residents with the best quality of life, service, and care. That takes a keen focus on continuous quality improvement including data collection and evaluation that drives system improvement processes. This session is aimed at improving resident and staff outcomes by understanding data collection and analysis, continuous systems improvement, and how to embark on a quality journey that nets results. $25 NCAL members | $65 Non-members

  • Contains 5 Product(s)

    Building Trust: A Strategy to Improve Patient Safety, Staff Wellbeing & Vaccine Uptake in Long Term Care

  • Contains 7 Component(s)

    Here you will find: RoP Checklist, Required Policies and Procedures document, Extraction Final Rule, F-tags Impacted by New or Updated IGs as of 2022