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Staff trust leaders when they believe that they care about them (empathy), have faith in their judgment and competence (logic), and think they are acting with the real person (authenticity). When trust is absent between leaders and staff in long term care facilities, vaccination uptake, patient safety, quality of care, and staff well-being are all negatively impacted.  

AHCA/NCAL is equipping leaders with trust-building skills and practices through Building Trust: A Strategy to Improve Patient Safety, Staff Wellbeing & Vaccine Uptake in Long Term Care. Based on the science of trust building, this 4-lesson virtual program is full of tools and resources to help leaders build trust with staff.   

Course Learning Objectives:   

After completing this course, learners will be able to: 

  • Assess the presence of trust in your facility 
  • Identify the impact of experienced inequities on building trust 
  • Ask open-ended honest questions and listen for understanding in conversations with staff 
  • Use a one-to-one meeting to build trust and secure commitments  
  • Address misinformation in a culturally sensitive manner 
  • Facilitate psychologically safe conversations among teams 
  • Elicit and connect to people’s shared values to motivate commitment to vaccinations 
  • Design and implement a strategy to build trust across the organization
Course Participants:  

This course is designed for formal and informal leaders within long term care in both clinical and non-clinical roles. This includes administrators, DON’s, medical directors, senior leaders, department heads, as well as infection preventionists, quality improvement coordinators, influential staff. Learners in a wide range of roles and across diverse cultural contexts and geographies will find value in the course. 

Learners are encouraged (but not required) to enroll with a colleague with whom they can practice the skills and offer one another feedback. 

Course Requirements:  

Each Course will have:  

  • Practice exercise & reflection  
  • Key Takeaways  
  • Featured Resources  
  • Recommended Resources  

Participation in the course requires approximately 2-3 hours per session for four sessions, including video lectures, readings and time applying the new knowledge and skills. Time commitments vary per session. 

At the end of this course, learners will receive a certificate of completion. To receive this certificate, learners must: 

  • Read the foundational course resources (below)
  • Complete all course videos  
  • Read the key featured resources for each of the four lessons
  • Complete the post-course evaluation 
Cost: These Trainings are offered free of charge.
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Key Course Resources:

The following two resources are foundations from which this course has been developed. Course participants must read these two foundational resources prior to viewing this course.

Francis X. Frei: How to build (and rebuild) trust. 2018 TED Talk

Balik B, Hilton K, Issac T. Conversation Guide to Improve COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake. Boston: Institute of Healthcare Improvement; 2021