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Trauma-Informed Care Resources

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  • Contains 13 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is a regulatory requirement, but it is also an approach to care that requires specific staff competency as well as a system of care delivery to achieve the intent of the regulation and provide the necessary support to care for residents who may suffer from trauma. This certificate program is designed to provide education that will assist the nursing home providers to implement TIC in their facility with staff who are appropriately trained and competent to care for residents who are at risk for re-traumatization.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    This session outlines the development of an effective Quality Assurance system designed to monitor the policies and practices that ensure a well-trained, culturally competent staff who possess the knowledge and skill sets to care for a diverse and complicated resident population. The potential for episodes of abuse and neglect when staff education, training, and oversight are insufficient is a focus of this conversation.

  • Contains 7 Product(s)

    Phase 3 of the RoPs goes into effect on November 28, 2019. AHCA has developed resources to help you navigate the new requirements. This package includes resources applicable to Behavioral Health and Trauma Informed Care.

  • Contains 2 Component(s)

    Ensuring staff understand and can recognize and accommodate the behavioral health needs of residents diagnosed with dementia, mental disorders, addictions, or other complicated psychosocial needs is important to the development of realistic, person-centered interventions. This session provides information and ideas on assessment and care planning, with a focus on the development of therapeutic, non-pharmacologic interventions.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    The new Federal regulations for Trauma-Informed Care challenge long-term care facilities to ensure that they are fully prepared to care for residents with complex clinical needs. This series offers an overview of the regulations and insight into staff education and training, assessment and care planning, and policy development. Assessing and care planning for residents impacted by trauma is a focus of this session.

  • Contains 1 Component(s)

    Trauma-informed care is a new requirement set forth in the Requirements of Participation Phase 3. This session will provide you with an introduction to the regulatory requirements. You will gain an understanding of what trauma-informed care is all about, including how to use trauma-informed care in practice, and how to partner with others in providing trauma-informed care.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 04/24/2019

    This session offers a framework for developing an assessment and person-centered approach to care planning that will prove successful for this emerging population of younger, more complicated adults.