How to Create an Account & Register

Step 1

Click the orange LOG IN button in the upper left hand corner.

Use your user name and password that you would use for LTC Trend Tracker or the AHCA NCAL website.  

The username will be your email address. Please use the one you used when you signed up for past AHCA/NCAL events, online materials. 

If you are new, click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

If you are not sure you have an account or may have forgotten your password, please click here

Please follow the prompts to retrieving your password.

Step 2

After clicking, create account- you will be redirected to this page

Please fill in all information on the page.

AHCA/ NCAL Members - *Please note* you must add your member facility name to your login. 


Step 3

When you reach identify my company field, locate your company by name or zip code. 

Once you find your company you will click on it and hit save. Below is an example only. Please make sure to enter your facility.

Non-members if you do not see your company listed, please email or for help.

Step 4

Save this company to your profile. Then you will be able to establish a new password and voila! 

You now have an established AHCA/NCAL account.

Step 5


For this demonstration, let’s go to Webinars- Upcoming Live

On the “upcoming webinars” page go to a product in which you are interested. Click the green REGISTER button.

Or click the title of the webinar and you will be redirected to the page where you can view the overview, handouts or resources associated with that      product. You can also click REGISTER in the upper right hand corner. The content will be available in your dashboard.



Step 6

Almost there!

If the resource you are trying to access is a paid-for product, fill out the registration details and voila! The products are yours to use and can be found in your dashboard.


Here's a helpful tip!

Update your "Interest Categories" in your Profile. Doing so will ensure that your "Recommended for You" page will populate content that interests you.


Please note this AHCA/NCAL education site is a member benefit to our members and so majority of the content may not be accessible to non-members unless. If you can encounter an issue where you are unable to access content- it is due to your company not being a current AHCA/NCAL member. 

Need further assistance? Email

We’ll walk you through it.